Activate London

“Activate London has improved the health and well-being of almost 21,000 Londoners of all ages and backgrounds since its launch in 2008” – (

Activate London offers a large range of community led well-being projects across London.

Projects include:

Back in action – exercise sessions to help elderly and disabled people improve their physical fitness.

Elvis’s Kitchen – affordable healthy eating programme (see more below).

Feel good friday – activities including yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and much more on the last Friday of every month.

On your bike – training sessions for bicycle owners.

Walking fit – project aimed to get more people walking.

For a full list and full descriptions of the activate projects go to

Check out Activate London on Facebook

Follow these links to see some recipes being made from Elvis’s Kitchen!!:

Jerk chicken…..Stir fry prawns…..Jumping jambalaya…..Leftover wraps…..The full Elvis breakfast…..Carrot and orange Soup…..

Nana bread and spicy blueberry sauce…..Fiery italian spaghetti…..Colcannon…..Pears in sugar syrup…..Cod with pesto

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