Proposal for use of Wynford Hall

A meeting was held for residents of the Wynford Estate on 23rd March.  An exciting proposal for using Wynford Hall was discussed.

GetMoreLocal is a social enterprise that helps create new social business opportunities and/or long-term employment, particularly for the younger age groups (16 – 30).
GetMoreLocal has approached Peabody as they wish to use the Wynford Hall to create a low cost micro hub / incubator unit for local business start-ups.  The premises would 
be used as low cost, short term, office space for up to 10 individuals, who wish to start a social enterprise in Islington and need the advantage of low start up/early overheads.
GetMoreLocal will operate and manage all day to day operations of the micro hub.

Residents present were broadly supportive of the plans, recognising it was underused at present.  One resident complained it was not suitable for parties, as the noise comes through to her flat.

The main points of the discussion were:

  • Concern was raised that young people might smoke at the entrance
  • Concern about pressure on car parking spaces
  • How long would they use the space?
  • Would other groups be able to use the space?
  • Can we explore working collaboratively with the Half Moon Crescent Hall to run community activities?
  • Would income from GetMoreLocal be ringfenced to be spent on Wynford?  

In response to these points:

  • It was explained that smoking at the entrance would not be permitted under the terms of the agreement monitored by Peabody. 
  • There would be no provision of parking spaces for users or staff of the project
  • The Agreement with GetMoreLocal would be for 2-3years
  • Resident Groups would be able to use the space for meetings, but it would not be suitable for other types of activities
  • Martin O’Donnell will contact Richard Smith at Half Moon Crescent to look at how we can work together
  • This project is not about income generation, but about how we make best use of our community resources.  If any income is generated, it will be used for community development in the wider local neighbourhood.   We would however, welcome any Wynford specific suggestions for funding.

 If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this project, please feel free to contact Martin O’Donnell on 020 7021 4607 or email

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One Response to Proposal for use of Wynford Hall

  1. nguest says:

    This sounds like a great idea – helping young people in this way to start up their own business, particularly in this time of high Youth Unemployment is to be welcomed. More projects like this should be encouraged to give young people a chance in life.

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