Articles about housing benefit cuts for people in shared accommodation misleading

You may have read in the newspapers or heard in the news that the government are extending the housing benefit shared room rate for people aged 25 to include claimants under 35. This change is scheduled to come into effect from January 2012.

Recent articles in the press have been a little misleading. Peabody’s Welfare Benefits team has checked and discussed this with the Department of Work and Pensions and we would like to reassure you that this change will not affect any of our residents.

The change only applies to people living in shared rented accommodation and renting non-self contained private-sector properties, where they have to share facilities such as bathrooms.

Peabody properties are self-contained properties with their own front doors and private facilities. Additionally single room rates only applies to properties subject to local housing allowance/rent officer rates so does not include council or housing association properties (as they are allocated generally on the number of rooms a person and/or their family needs).

If you require further information please contact the welfare benefits team on 020 7021 4444


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