What exactly does Islington have on offer?

I thought I would add something personally to the website rather then just posting events, along with information on support services, etc, etc… As you may or may not know, I have been working for Peabody for a little less then 6months as the New Media and Marketing Project Worker in the Kings Cross area, which is an area I am not familiar to as I live in East London and I’m not used to travelling around or exploring the great city that is, London.

It is coming to the end of my contract here at Kings Cross, and it dawned on me the other week that I still do not know the area that well. So, during my lunch hour I went walking around. I explored Pentonville Road, Caledonian Road and a few of the little side roads. I am prone to getting lost, and when I get lost I suffer with panic attacks so thinking about it logically – was it really wise for me to turn into Dora the Explorer during my lunch hour? Congratulations to me, to my surprise I did not get lost. Yay! I found it hard to get lost, and to be honest – I did try, knowing full well that I had my phone, it’s amazing map app’s and a full battery with credit to phone my mum if I got lost. Not like that would have helped, she’s just as useless as me when it comes to exploring and directions. My dad however, would have known as he was born in Islington and now we have something in common.

I then went on to Google and typed in “Barnsbury, Islington” and the option “Explore this area >” was a link I was drawn too. Sadlers Wells, London Canal Museum, Business Design Centre, The York, The Screen On The Green and Old Red Lion Theatre Co Ltd were the photo’s and places that came up.

Sadlers Wells is the UK’s leading dance house and has been based in Angel, Islington since 1683. The site has two theatres; Sadlers Wells Theatre and the Lilian Baylis Studio. Sadlers Wells is dedicated to bringing the very best international and UK dance to London Audiences. They believe that no other form has the potential to reach so many people, crossing cultural boundaries and appealing to diverse audiences. From contemporary dance to tango, hip hop to flamenco, tap to kathak. They are committed to producing, commissioning and presenting works of the highest standards, crossing the boundaries between different art forms. In the past five years they have commissioned and co-produced almost 70 productions.

Did you know… that the London Canal Museum used to be a former ice warehouse built around 1862-63 for Carlo Gatti, the famous ice cream maker? The accessible Kings Cross, London Canal Museum features the history of the ice trade and ice cream as well as the canals. At the London Canal Museum you can see inside a narrow boat cabin, learn about the history of London’s canals, about the cargos carried, the people who lived and worked on the waterways, and the horses that pulled their boats.

Looking through the photos, this building looks amazing. The Business Design Centre really did look phenomenal! As an events manager myself, this building really appeals to me. Islington seems to have a great deal on offer. They have the Mezzanine hall, which can conferences for 600 – 1200 pax. A two gallery hall’s, an auditorium, and various spacious rooms. The Hilton hotel is also very close by, you could throw a stone at it from the Design Centre if you dare.

The York is a public house, on Islington High Street, and the Red Lion Theatres only opened in October last year and is a new performance venue situated in Angel.

The Screen on the Green is a legendary little piece of Islington, so I have been told.  It is “the” cinema to go to if your watching a film and the sofa seating is incredibly comfortable and relaxing. It is also perhaps most famous for the gig that featured the Buzzcocks and the Clash opening for the Sex Pistols in 1976.

That is what google said was on offer to me from Islington,… The most fascinating thing I have learned is that the London Canal Museum used to be an Ice Cream Factory, and The Business Design Centre, I really want to look around that big building – where I will most likely get lost!

So, time for me to get exploring more I believe. I want to see what this amazing town has on show and on offer.

What are the places you love to shout about in Islington?

What exactly does Islington have on offer?


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